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game_engine* create_game_engine ( GtkWidget *  parent  ) 

Create and intialize a game engine instance.

This function reads the user defined paramaters (if available), and initializes the games control structure accordingly.

parent The toplevel parent widget of the game's user interface.
The newly created and intialized game engine.

Definition at line 625 of file game_engine.c.

References COMPUTER, and HUMAN.

   game_engine *game;
   GString     *name;

   srand ((unsigned int)time (NULL));
   game = g_malloc (sizeof (game_engine));

    * Player 1 is always human, and is the current OS user.  
    * Player 2 is always the computer.
   if (getenv ("LOGNAME"))
      name = g_string_new (getenv ("LOGNAME"));
      name = g_string_new (_("Human Player"));
   game->player1 = create_player (name->str, HUMAN);
   game->player2 = create_player (_("Computer Player"), COMPUTER);

   game->parent = parent;
   game->state = NOT_RUNNING;
   game->is_paused = FALSE;

    * Call begin_game to do all of the pre-game initialization.
   begin_game (game);

    * Clean up...
   g_string_free (name, TRUE);

   dump_game_engine (game);

   return game;

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